Meet Anna

I live in the beautiful city of York with my partner and our brilliant daughter. We love to get out and about as a family for bike rides, walks and adventures in the great outdoors. I love reading, cooking and spending time with good friends and family.

Setting a positive example to my daughter is a huge motivation for me in my work and my approach to my own personal health and wellbeing. As a working Mum I have family, home, work, business all vying for my attention. I GET IT. Life can can feel lonely, frustrating and bewildering at times, and it’s easy enough to put your own health lower down on the list of priorities. I don’t always get it right myself!

I have always had a passion for science, nature and health, so I am fortunate that my career path has led me here, where I can support others in their journey towards health and holistic wellbeing. I do this using a blend of rehabilitation, Pilates, wellbeing education and health promotion.

We all wish to be the best versions of ourselves. To be stronger, calmer, healthier, more balanced and resilient. It’s my goal to help you achieve that.

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I qualified as a physiotherapist from York St John college in 2005. I have worked in the NHS and private practice, treating a diverse range of patient groups but specialising in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy. I have a professional interest in health promotion, especially physical activity and rehabilitation in women and older adults. Early in my NHS career, I realised that I wanted to take a more holistic view of my patients, and deliver a truly person-centred, evidence informed care. 

In 2009, I gained Pilates certification with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and am experienced in teaching classes for general populations as well modifying and advising clients who are elderly, pregnant, or those having specific joint problems including back pain and hypermobility-related problems. 

Post qualification courses I have undertaken include:

  • Pilates for Runners (APPI)
  • Pilates and Small Equipment (APPI)
  • Pilates for Seniors and Osteoporosis (Polestar UK)
  • Ante and Post Natal Pilates (APPI)
  • “Get on the Ball” (Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems)
  • Treatment and Exercise in the Childbearing Year (Fitback and Bumps)
  • Kinetic Control Theory and Concepts (KC International)

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and am a member of both the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. I hold insurance with both CSP and Fitpro.


Don’t take my word for it…

As well as the well documented benefits of Pilates, please read what some of my clients have to say.

“As a keen, but aging, hillwalker I have consulted Anna with a swollen knee after a stumble.  She diagnosed what was going on, helped me manage the situation and then suggested helpful exercises to restore fitness.  Her thoroughness, kindness and clear communication meant that I subsequently recommended her to friends and consulted her again, successfully, when I injured my neck.” – H. Tillett, August 2019

“Anna helped me enormously, both before and after a Total Hit Replacement operation in October 2018. She helped me prepare for the operation in terms of relevant exercises and I was as fit as I could be prior to operation. Following my operation, Anna returned and helped me with post-op rehabilitation exercises. I recovered well and quickly.
Anna listened carefully to my worries and my pain. She was able to explain what was happening inside my body and which exercises would help and why. This listening and explaining was the huge difference I felt in having Anna as my Physio. I could understand why I was doing each exercise and how it would benefit me. Anna gave me handouts to refer to in-between her visits and a phone number for advice and help if I needed it between visits.
A further benefit is that Anna came to my home, so travelling to a physio appointment was not an issue post operatively. I now attend her Pilates class and Anna is able to continue to support me by giving alternative ways of doing a specific exercise if my affected leg is involved.
I have no concerns in recommending Anna.” – P. Phillips August 2019

“I’m really enjoying the class! It’s great learning more about posture and movement and it’s a lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere.” – N.P. September 2017

“I have been coming to Monday night pilates classes with Anna for a few years now and can not recommend them more highly – I find them to be the perfect start to the week for mind and body!” – H.K. July 2017

“I have attended Anna’s classes for several years. She is a very considerate instructor always checking that members of the class are comfortable with the movements and adapting the moves to suit. Anna works with class members as individuals and knows what physical problems they may have and how best to help them. I have restricted movement in one hip and lower back pain and the classes help enormously.” – M.B. July 2017

“I am confident attending Anna’s Pilates class for older people because:-

  • Anna is a trained and experienced physiotherapist and Pilates teacher
  • Anna knows our individual physical needs/difficulties and modifies exercises accordingly
  • Anna explains the benefits of the different exercises and checks we are doing them correctly
  • No need for special clothing or footwear
  • Classes are gentle, friendly and fun”

Liz (age 71) June 2017

“I feel the benefit of Anna’s Pilates lessons particularly next day when I have heaps more energy than normal!” – P.P. (age 77) June 2017

“Anna’s Pilates classes are really enjoyable.  She cheerfully encourages us to work within the limitations of our (ageing) bodies and always adapts exercises to our individual needs.  It has helped strengthen my body and keep my spine in order while having fun.” – M.G. June 2017

“Nine months ago I started attending Anna’s Pilates classes to help with my rehabilitation from physical health problems.  The desired effect has been achieved. However, they have also helped to alleviate my depression and anxiety disorder. This is because now I don’t just move, I move WELL; and place far less stress on my body.

Quite simply, as a result of attending Anna’s classes my physical and mental health have significantly improved. I put this down to the unique combination of Anna’s personal experience, background in physiotherapy and extremely concise explanations; that highlight her crystal-clear understanding of Pilates.
These qualities combined make Anna the single-best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by.

I find her classes a wonderfully holistic experience; and whatever the reasons you may have for wanting to attend Pilates classes, I thoroughly recommend attending Anna’s.”
P.H June 2017

“When I first started seeing Anna, I was very much my husband’s dependant. I relied on him to not only provide us with an income, but also to prepare meals and take care of most household chores. Over the course of our weekly sessions, Anna guided me in rehabilitating my body with Pilates, which she then supplemented with other forms of physiotherapy as necessary.

Anna was patient and I felt comfortable asking her to revisit topics and moves as often as I needed, as I refined my technique. She persevered with finding visual cues and imagery that worked for me. I felt sufficiently challenged without going beyond my capability before I was ready.

In the beginning I had chronic pain, wrist problems as well as hypermobility related de-conditioning. Now, the pain is gone, and my body is stronger than it was before my health went downhill. My wrists are slowly improving and mentally, I’m in a very different place compared to when I first saw Anna. I can envision a future where I will one day return to work, where I will drive again and be that independent person I can just about remember – all things I thought I’d lost forever.”
H.N., Thirsk, N Yorks.


“I had never done pilates before, the classes have been of great benefit to me, Anna is a good teacher who demonstrates a clear understanding and pays close attention to the needs of each individual in the class”
F.C., York