There’s more to Pilates than the perfect bum…

… and, (sorry folks) – there’s more to a perfect derrière than Pilates. Pippa Middleton’s Pilates teacher is releasing a new DVD on Boxing day entitled ‘The Perfect Pilates Bum’. I’m sure Pilates teachers worldwide are grateful for Pippa’s fiscally stimulating tushy, but come now! There’s so much more to this than bums!!

This week I attended a brilliant class with Rachel Potter – she’s my original teacher – the woman who sorted out my hip pain, and inspired me to become an instructor myself. After the last few months of taking over and morphing Littlewolf Physio into Base Physio, I’ve spent hours at the computer, which is not my natural habitat. My shoulders and thoracic spine have been really playing up, and my breathing was all out of sync. The class was gentle – I was not sweating or begging for mercy – but by the end, my breath was calm and deep, and my shoulders were like butter.

Which brings me onto the next point. I love butter and all the delicacies it weaves it magic through, especially crumpets. I don’t gorge myself on it, but nor do I starve myself of it, which is why I don’t have a huge bottom. Yes, that’s right – I don’t hate my bottom. It’s just right for me and performs all its necessary functions (sitting, walking, running etc.) without showing me up too much. Yes, sometimes I wish it was a bit smaller because the cut of the skirt is ridiculous, but I’m more likely to blame the manufacturer of the skirt than myself. I’ve also got good genes. As has Pippa – have you seen her mother?

What Pilates does is make you stronger, it makes you stand taller and it makes you FEEL great and that my friends, is a very alluring combination whether your rump is bony or bumptious. Go on… give it a squeeze!

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