My Top Tips for walking more

  • Multitask part 1 – walk while you make an important call. As long as you are able to concentrate, you will sound more confident and come across as a go-getting person of action!
  • Listen to your favourite podcast, audiobook or playlist.
  • Leave all the bags and phones and everything and just walk unencumbered. It’s such a feeling of freedom and intent.
  • Multitask part 2 – do your shopping / banking in real life instead of online. Take a walk to the highstreet. You’ll gain a greater sense of community, especially if you shop local as well.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes. Something with a closed heel and some cushioning. There are so many funky trainers you can buy now, there’s no need to sacrifice style.
  • If you have young children, get them on a scooter, that way you will be able to walk a bit quicker than if they were walking at their pace!
  • If you have babes in buggies, why not join up with some other mums and go for a walk while the babes snooze? It will do wonders for your mental health and the little ones will benefit from the fresh air, even if they don’t sleep now – they will later!
  • Multi-task part 3 – Walking meetings. If you have to have meeting with a colleague, why not suggest that you walk and talk. The walking will definitely increase the circulation to the brain, making for better ideas, and can also quell stress if you think that’s going to be a problem in the meeting.
Walking in the park
  • Walk with purpose – take a camera, or a nature identification book, or maybe a local history guidebook so that you can explore your own local area while you walk. You’ll know of you follow me on Instagram, I love to take photo’s of the nature I see around me when I walk.
  • Mindfulness – notice the colours, the sounds, the physical sensations as you walk. Take a moment to hone in on each sensation as it arises before moving onto the next one.
  • Join a walking group – if longer walks are more your thing, why not join up with a local group and share the experience with a bunch of new friends?
  • Take on a challenge – I plan to walk the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in July with a group of other Mums – most of whom I’ve never met before! There are loads of charities that you could sign up with to do an organised walk, or contact a local charity to organise your own event.
  • Change your route. If your commute is walking, see if you can vary the route and make it more interesting. Hop onto Strava or one of the many other websites that shares walking routes near you.
  • Take a train to a new town or city and walk around like a tourist for a couple of hours. Lovely!
  • Use public transport. If you are just looking to increase a bit of activity in your day to day, this is good one to consider. You may not be walking the full distance, but without the door-to-door service of a car, you will have to stretch your legs a wee bit more in between bus stop and destination.

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