Bone Healthy Salad

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a bit of a food lover, so it’s a natural part of the wellbeing puzzle for me to eat well. I’m a Physiotherapist, not a nutrition expert per se, but having said that, we can all benefit from eating more colours, more fibre, more often.

A bone healthy diet includes foods rich in Vitamin D and Calcium in the first instance. Further supportive micronutrients include Magnesium which helps your body to metabolise the vitamin D; Vitamin C which helps to form the collagen ‘web’ upon which the hard bone is laid down; Potassium, which is thought to prevent the break down of existing bone; Omega-3 fatty acids thought to slow bone loss in post-menopausal women.

The short version of the advice here is: Eat the rainbow with a side of oily fish. In the sunshine. If you aren’t sure where to get started, here’s a simple throw together to get you started.


Tinned Mackerel in oil (Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D, Omega-3)

Handful of raw shredded greens (calcium, magnesium)

Small Carrot (vitamin C, Potassium)

1/4 Cucumber

1/2 Red Pepper (Vitamin C)

1/4 a large Avocado (Potassium)

Lemon & Oil (I used flaxseed, rapeseed would be another good choice) (Vitamin C, Omega-3)


Toss the shredded greens directly onto a plate. Use a potato peeler to ‘ribbon’ the carrot straight into the bowl. Chop or slice the remaining veg and tumble on top of the shreds and ribbons. Drain the mackerel then fork loose chunks out over the top of the salad. Sprinkle with a few toasted seeds for extra micronutrient punch. Finally, drizzle with oil and lemon juice, and season to taste with sea salt flakes and freshly cracked black pepper.

Enjoy! All you need now is a bit of sunshine…!

Healthy salad for Bone Health

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