Back to school, back to you.

I’ve written about it before, but I find September to be a better time for setting resolutions than January. The cooler mornings and evenings lend a freshness to the days after the long, hot, languorous (albeit soggy) summer. 

Also the kids go back to school.

Do you relish this time or dread it? It’s mixed bag for me – on one hand, I have the days back and know that I can get back to being productive and on top of things (ish.) On the other hand – the morning mayhem and the school run – Ugh. And the paradox of motherhood – I’ll really miss having my daughter around all the time and I won’t know where to start without her. Go figure.

Whether you love or loathe it, can you find some opportunity at this time? Do you have any “new term resolutions”?

Is it perhaps a good time to set some new intentions or goals for YOU? Maybe this looks like starting something new – meditation, an exercise class, journaling, starting a new hobby or resuming a long forgotten one? Or perhaps its more domestic than that – getting more organised at home, having a huge declutter, or setting boundaries to safeguard your precious time.

life goals

New behaviours take anything between 21 and 90 days to become habits, depending on what you read! In reality it’s more complex than that. 

Goal setting tips

  • Set small & specific goals. Of if you have a bigger goal – break it down into smaller chunks.
  • Take one day at a time. If it’s overwhelming to think too far ahead, just think about today or tomorrow.
  • Identify and remove barriers. What’s really stopping you? Keep picking away at those barriers, until you reach the point of no excuses.
  • Make yourself accountable by telling somebody. Share your goal with family and friends and put it out on social media.
  • Finally – go easy on yourself – I’m guessing the purpose is to make your life better, so keep that in mind! If you fall of the wagon as it were, just dust yourself and climb back on. Tomorrow is a new day my friend, a chance to begin again.
goal setting

If you have health and wellbeing goals and aren’t sure where to begin – I can help you. As a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor I have worked with many people to alleviate pain, overcome barriers to movement, and regain strength and confidence.