Physio in a time of COVID

I have been offering online physiotherapy during the lockdown, as have the majority of physio practices around the world. This is one change that is here to stay. From my networks, I am hearing so many positive stories about the effectiveness of virtual physio, but here are my own reflections.

Evidence based physiotherapy

I have found it to be so much better than I imagined it would be! It’s been a learning curve with technology (!) and getting the set-up right. Special orthopaedic tests and hands-on treatments are off limits. But evidence has long suggested that these techniques are at best an adjunct to the real balls of what makes physiotherapy work for a range of conditions: education & information, exercise and coaching/supporting our patients in self-management.

An online lifeline.

I have encountered real relief from patients who have been too anxious to leave home, or shielding, or even busy Mum’s who have been unable to leave the kids at home to attend an appointment. Being able to access care for them has been a real lifeline and I’m proud to have been a part of the solution by offering online physiotherapy.

Personal Development.

My patients have different expectations of me. They expect to do the physical work themselves and are eager to learn and understand their condition – which suits my approach perfectly, so I think I am a good fit for this new normal! Most of the pertinent information about a patient’s injury comes from the detailed history that I take. I’ve only had one patient referred for medical investigation, leading to a positive outcome for the patient. Things I used to do automatically have now changed completely because I have questioned everything, and sought alternatives. I have shifted my perception towards the ‘expert patient’ more than ever. I am more in tune with being a Physio than I have done for years if I’m honest! It’s an exciting time for the profession and for patients!

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