Welcome to my services page where you will find all the information you need to choose the physiotherapy or Pilates appointment that best fits your needs. Please note, all first contact is by virtual means due to COVID-19. Home visits for face to face Physio or 1:1 Pilates are available, subject to prior risk assessment and mutual consent. Our COVID Policy has further details. Please contact me if you have queries.

If you are wondering how virtual Physiotherapy compares with face to face physiotherapy check out my blog post explaining how it works and what I can help you with.

Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment

Includes detailed consultation, physical assessment and treatment. 

This appointment is for you if you have a new or recurring injury; a chronic musculoskeletal condition that is limiting your quality of life; age-related concerns such as impaired balance or fall; or are seeking rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery.

Virtual Physiotherapy Follow Up

Include progression or modification of your home exercise program, further assessment as indicated, and a chance to discuss your progress or ongoing concerns as you ease back into normal activities. For face to face appointments it will mean continuation of treatments such as manual therapy or taping

This appointment is for you if

  • You have already had an assessment with me and your treatment plan has been agreed
  • You need help reviewing, planning or modifyng your home exercise plan
  • You are receiving ongoing physiotherapy

Pilates 1:1

Initial in-person consultation will include a health and lifestyle screen, movement analysis, goal setting and introductory Pilates exercises.

This appointment is for you if:

  • You already attend classes, but would like to take a deeper dive into your own technique in order to optimise your time in classes
  • You have been doing videos or online classes at home for the first time and would like some tailored tuition to optimise your home practice.
  • You’d prefer to have individual Pilates sessions rather than a group.

Semi-private Zoom Pilates

Suitable for small groups of friends who wish to enjoy a Pilates session together. Perfect if you have been missing the social aspect of face-to-face classes. Block bookings available subject to availability.

How I work

I work collaboratively with my clients. Through my detailed assessment I gather the “hard” information about your problem, but I am also sensitive to the social and emotional context of what you may be experiencing. I work with individuals who are serious and committed to making a change in their own wellbeing – whether that is a short to medium term rehabilitation goal, or a long term lifestyle goal. My job is to identify the problems and barriers, and to guide you in moving towards your goals. 

It’s not just about looking good or being just-about-pain-free. It’s about FEELING GOOD, feeling physically and mentally EMPOWERED to live your BEST LIFE in midlife and beyond.

If you are ready to commit to yourself feeling better, moving better and living better, then contact me now to get the ball rolling. I can’t wait to get started – what are you waiting for?

What to expect at your virtual appointment

Before your appointment I will send you email details of how to join the video link along with some tips about how to position your camera for the assessment. 

Prior to the call, you will complete a screening form regarding your current problems, any medical background and lifestyle factors. On the call, we will briefly review this form and I will ask further questions to help me gain a clearer picture of what may be the underlying cause of the problem. This is also your opportunity to tell me about specific goals and or ask questions.

The physical assessment will follow, in which we will either try to reproduce your symptoms and / or analyse your movement and strength. I will direct you so that I can observe visual appearance of the area involved. I’ll direct you to perform specific movements and feedback to me about your symptoms. Some special tests that we usually perform in clinic are adaptable to the home environment so again I will direct you on these.

We will discuss the findings together and agree to a treatment plan. I will provide you with an individual movement prescription. Following the appointment, I will email you a brief summary and any PDFs of the exercises we discussed, as well as any other resources or links that will be helpful for you. 

Each session will include an educational component to help you understand the physiological and biomechanical changes that need to take place. I believe that understanding your own body underpins successful physical recovery.  I aim to make that knowledge relatable for you, and welcome discussion and questioning.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. If we are assessing a lower limb problem, shorts are advisable – not jeans or leggings. I may ask to partially or fully remove articles of clothing so that I can see the area. Please ensure you are dressed suitably so as not to waste time changing during the assessment. 

How are you supported after your appointment

You will have your own bespoke homework to carry out which is crucial for you to achieve your rehab or wellbeing goals. You will also have email access to Anna at no extra cost if you have any queries about what has been discussed in the face to face sessions.

Find out more about what Virtual Physiotherapy services entail or go ahead and book an appointment today.